Well, summer is certainly over and school and work are back up to full throttle. I have some catching up to do with the blog, so I won’t beat about the bush and shall get on with sharing what I was reading in July.

The last books I read in June were the first two in Mari Hannah’s DCI Kate Daniels series, which I very much enjoyed. The first part of July saw me finishing the other two books in the series (although I hope there are more to come), “Deadly Deceit” and “Monument to Murder”.

July Books 2

“Deadly Deceit” sees Kate and her sidekick, DS Hank Gormley, first on the scene of a horrific road accident, whilst on the other side of town a house goes up in flames killing two people. Whilst the incidents don’t appear to be linked, it is inevitable that they are (otherwise why would they both be in the story), and as Kate and Hank come to realise that not all the deaths in the road accident were as a result of the accident itself, the story starts to develop a series of twists and turns. I shan’t say any more for fear of spoiling the story, suffice to say that I enjoyed the book as much as the first two, hence on I went to the final book in the series.

I probably enjoyed “Monument to Murder” the most out of the series (so let’s have book five please). The story involves an investigation into human remains found beneath the walls of an ancient castle (the monument in the title), intertwined with a newly widowed prison psychologist getting drawn into the fantasy world of a convicted sex offender who is on the verge of release from prison. It is another story with twists and turns, some of which stretch credulity a little, but at the end of the day it a great story that kept me turning the pages (or should I say swiping the pages on my iPad).

All in all a great series that I would recommend to anyone that likes crime series set in the UK. I’m hoping it will continue, although as the first four book came along in (I think) a two year period, it would only be fair to let the author have a well earned break. You can find the books on Amazon here.

Next on my list was “Gray Retribution” by Alan McDermott. This series is a perfect example of the initial book in the series being sold at a bargain price on Amazon with the purpose of drawing the reader in so they will pay higher (more reasonable) prices for subsequent books. “Gray Retribution” is the fourth book in the series about Tom Gray, an ex-soldier who was first introduced in “Gray Justice” three years ago.

In “Gray Justice” he had just lost his wife and child to a criminal and was pretty much at rock bottom, only to find out that the killer has been let out after a short period on remand. The subsequent story revolves around him seeking to expose the perceived weaknesses in the justice system in a very dramatic way. The story was good, although way over the top in places, which in my view, is a theme of the whole series. Nevertheless I found myself wanting to hear more about Tom’s exploits so I went on to read books two (“Gray Resurrection”) and three (“Gray Redemption”) in quick succession.

I still wanted to hear more so I was on alert for the next book in the series. “Gray Retribution” starts with Tom Gray appearing to have put his wild adventures of the first three books behind him, and living peacefully with his new wife and child. That doesn’t last long with two strands to the story emerging and intertwining, firstly the consequences of a protection racket that he gets drawn into, and secondly a group of his friends facing danger on a mission in a tiny war-torn African nation. Just like the first three books the story moves along quickly and is over the top most of the time but again is a rollicking good read.

I understand there are two more books (at least) planned in the series. I’m not really sure where the story can go next, but I’ll certainly be finding out when book five is published. Hence this is another recommended series, not for crime lovers, but if you like wild stories of ex SAS soldiers having overblown adventures.

The end of July saw me begin yet another crime series set in the UK. I hadn’t realised what a murder ridden country the UK was until I read all of these different series! This time it is the DI Charlotte Savage series by Mark Sennen. There have been three books in the series so far, I read the first at the end of July and the other two in early August, but will cover them all here.

July Books

This series is set in and around Plymouth, with DI Savage introduced to us in “Touch”, a somewhat disturbing story about women being drugged, abducted, assaulted and murdered by a serial killer. In the second book, “Bad Blood”, the protagonist is another serial killer, this time targeting men, and not at random. In the third book, “Cut Dead”, the investigation is about three headless bodies found in a pit. All of the stories are definitely crime related but I would probably call them “thrillers” as well given the dramatic events which happen in each of them. I notice from the picture above that there is a fourth book on its way in 2015, “Tell Tale”, so I shall look forward to that. You can find Mark Sennen’s page on Amazon here.

That concludes the books I read in July. I hope you are not becoming too concerned about the state of my mind given my penchant for all of these grisly stories. 

Thanks for reading, why not let me know if you have read any of these books, and if so, what you thought of them.

And always feel free to “like” or “share” if you enjoy what you have read, it is always much appreciated.




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