Another week ends and it has been a reasonably quiet one as life gets back to normal in the sandpit. It’s certainly been quieter than the same week last year, I was reminded yesterday by my “timehop” app (great app for you social media users) that yesterday was the anniversary of my “accident” in the compound swimming pool, which resulted in being rushed to hospital (when I say “rushed” I may be exaggerating, Jo recalls it as more of a leisurely drive) and receiving a number of stitches. You can read about the incident on my previous blog here should you be so inclined.


Coincidentally the swimming pool has just reopened after being closed for a number of months for maintenance. There is no truth in the rumor that it was the repair the damage that I caused all those months ago!

Homework is starting to ramp up again at school which Archie and Flossie are delighted about (not), and (sickly proud parents alert) we had good news this morning when we heard that Flossie has been moved up a reading group, actually I think she is in a group on her own now, just behind the “gifted and talented” readers, who she will hopefully join soon when she has worked on her expression.

Talking about school reminds me of something that was in the news earlier in the week. Whilst the UK has been working itself up into a frenzy about independence for Scotland (“No!!”), the focus in the UAE has been on what to wear to drop the kids off at school. A school in Dubai has issued a reminder to parents to make sure they dress modestly when doing the school run. The poster below was issued to provide guidance on what is considered to be inappropriate. It triggered a bit of a debate in the papers, on the radio and online about whether this is really an issue, and whether the school has any right to dictate what should and should not be worn. I’m not going to express a view here, I just thought it was another good illustration of the cultural differences.


Jo experienced a similar issue herself a few days ago. She was approached in one of the malls and asked if she was going to the beach that day, because she looked as though that’s what she was dressed for. She was dressed very modestly in her (and my) opinion so wasn’t too sure if she was being told off for dressing inappropriately, or being chatted up. She prefers to think the latter!

Other than that the highlights of the last few days have included a few laps of Yas Marina Circuit on Tuesday, when Jo got to try out her new bike, and a frenzied two minutes earlier this afternoon when we had to book after school clubs for Archie and Flossie.

You book the classes online, but places are limited so the popular courses (construction club being one of them) fill up within seconds. This means that the process is very much like booking for a popular concert, in that you have to be ready to click on the appropriate button the second the system opens or you will either miss out altogether, or the system will crash under the weight of the demand. We did well this year, both of us were poised at our computers two minutes before the system went live and to our delight found that it opened a minute or so early. Result!

Hopefully we have managed to get both kids the two classes they want – we’ve had confirmation of one already (anyone want to bid for our places in construction club?) and hopefully the other (football) will follow shortly.

Given that I can’t come up with anything more exciting than that I shall sign off for now. We’re off on our first solo kayaking trip tomorrow morning, so if you don’t hear from us in the next few days please send out a search party.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend when it arrives.


  1. I like time hop! It allows me to travel and my future self is laughing at my old self. Oh dear. As for the dress code, I have friends who are now based in Dubai. They really do follow and even my gay friends, they used to cross dress here but when they moved, they started dressing according to gender.

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