Just checking in to let you know we returned safely from our kayaking trip yesterday, in case any of you were worrying! Looking back sat in a comfortable air-conditioned kitchen 24 hours later I can say that we had a great morning. At the time it didn’t always feel that way.

We borrowed the kayaks from some kind friends who live at Al Muneera, one of the residential complexes not far from here.  Jo decided that our destination should be Yas Links Golf Club where we knew we could get a late breakfast, which seemed like an excellent plan to me.

It may not look far, but in 37 degree heat with the current against you, appearances can be deceptive!

It may not look far, but in 37 degree heat with the current against you, appearances can be deceptive!

We set off reasonably early to try and miss the worst of the heat. Things went well initially, and we enjoyed watching other people enjoying different water sports around us, and a sea plane landing nearby as we paddled along.

Eventually we rounded a corner and could see the golf club in the distance. It turned out to be a bit like a mirage in that it never seemed to get any closer, no matter how hard we paddled. Eventually though we did make land, and dragged ourselves into the golf club restaurant where we were encouraged to sit ourselves at a distance from everyone else in there as I think we looked a little dishevelled.

2014-09-19 11.02.55

Having enjoyed a well earned breakfast, applied more sun cream, and taken a few more photos, we set off on our journey back to Al Muneera. It has to be said that the return journey was a real slog, the temperature was in the late 30s and the sun was right in our faces. Both of us got quieter and quieter as we grimly paddled onwards, not always in a straight line. To be fair to both kids they didn’t complain (too much), although I think there were times when Jo was wishing Flossie would just stop rabbiting on.

2014-09-19 10.56.08

Finally we made it back to the beach at Al Muneera and dragged ourselves out of the water as if we had been on a journey lasting many weeks. We were so delirious we couldn’t find the car in the car park until Archie remembered we were on the wrong level. And at last we were home, scrambling to get into the shower, which Jo decided was the best she has ever had.

Despite all that we did actually have a lovely morning, although our plan to perhaps invest in our own kayaks has maybe been put on the back burner for a little while, at least until the memories fade a little.

Needless to say the rest of the weekend has been quiet, other than Jo and I going out for a lovely meal on our own last night (see my review here). We had also hoped to spend some time in the compound swimming pool which has been closed for a few months for refurbishment, but reopened yesterday. Unfortunately it closed again almost immediately due to the chiller unit failing (meaning the water was probably getting towards 40 degrees) and the brand new tiles starting to come off. It may be a first world problem but it is a bit frustrating as it is likely to be closed for another few months.


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