Having been on something of a roll in September things came to an abrupt stop in October when I got a bad case of “blogger's block”. I suspect there were a few reasons for this, but here I am again, dipping my toe back into the water.

As a gentle reintroduction for myself I thought I would review a boat trip we went on last week with my parents who are here visiting at the moment.

The trip was run by “The Yellow Boats”. We'd done one of their trips before, in Dubai (they do something like six different trips up there), so decided to try the Abu Dhabi version as a way of showing my parents some of the main highlights of the city. We expected great things as the trips are rated as the number one activity in Abu Dhabi on Trip Advisor.

The first part of the adventure was finding the Emirates Palace Marina where the trip started from. There are roadworks in the area (something to do with the huge new palace being built nearby I think) so it has the potential to be quite confusing. However the operator had sent us a helpful email (actually we had to chase it up on the morning of the trip as it hadn't arrived despite being promised a week before) so we didn't get too lost. Which was a good job, as we got there with only a couple of minutes to spare.

After completing the formalities (signing our lives away, etc) and waiting for the final passengers to arrive, we were given a quick safety briefing, donned our buoyancy aids, and were soon on our way.

Etihad Towers

Our transport was a rigid inflatable boat (yellow of course), with seating for up to 12 people. We chugged slowly out of the marina, but once we were out in the open water we soon picked up speed, which the kids loved.

Part of the corniche

The trip itself lasted 50 minutes, a combination of exhilarating speed and periodic stops to take photos, and hear about what we were looking at. The stops – all of which provided great photo opportunities – included the Emirates Palace Hotel, the Corniche, the fishing port, Lulu Island and the new palace I referred to earlier. Our captain, Danny, proved very knowledgeable about the city and was pretty entertaining.

Fishing nets

All too quickly we were pulling back into the marina. We spent a few minutes having a saunter about, admiring the boats, and deciding which one we'd be happy with (dream on), before heading off to our next activity.

Would I recommend it? I'm not sure I would rate it as the number one activity in the city, but I would absolutely recommend it. It's quite expensive if you pay full price (AED 200 for adults, AED 150 for children, in November 2914). However, if you have the Abu Dhabi Entertainer voucher book (2014 edition, and I suspect it will be in future editions too) you can get two for the price of one, which halved the cost for us and made it excellent value for money.

You can find out more about Yellow Boat Tours at

Thanks for reading, and it's good to be back.



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