Archie’s Incredible India

It’s been months since I last updated the blog but last week Archie had to do a “blog post” as part of his homework, so I thought I would share it with you (with a little editing from me). So without further ado over to Archie….


Hi, my name is Archie. In January this year me and my family flew to India. We were going around the “Golden Triangle”, we were going to Jaipur first, Ranthambore second, Agra third and finally Delhi (Editor: Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi make up the “Golden Triangle”, we turned it into a “Golden Square” by adding Ranthambore as well).

27 December 2015: Abu Dhabi to Jaipur

The flight was good and when we arrived it was very quiet which was not expected.

Here is a picture of me at the hotel. The hotel is called Jaipur Marriott and it was very good.


28 December 2015: Elefantastic

This morning I had breakfast and it was very good. Now I am on my way to Elefantastic. Here is a picture of me there.


Elefantastic was really fun because we got to ride, paint and feed the elephants.

Here is a link to Elefantastic:

Probably my favourite part was riding the elephants and it was funny when my sister’s elephant went out of control (Editor: It certainly wasn’t fun for Flossie and I!).


The feeding was a bit scary because I didn’t want to get my hand bitten off by the elephant!

My second best part was the painting. It was cool because we were painting on the elephants, and me and my mum had an elephant to ourselves.


On our way back home we looked outside. I saw kids on top of buildings flying kites I think this is because people didn’t have gardens. Nobody was on an iPad or iPhone!

Tomorrow we are going to the Amber Fort I will tell you more about that tomorrow. Night, night.

29 December 2015: Amber Fort

Good morning, at the moment we are on the way to the Amber Fort.

To get up the hill we need to go on an elephant but my mum and dad say the ride won’t be as fun as yesterday.


Now we are there and the elephant ride was not so fun like my mum and dad said (Editor: Mum and Dad are always right Archie!).

Here is a picture of the Amber Fort.


Amber Fort was also fun but I think that Elefantastic was much, much, much better (Editor: Me too, Archie).

The next few hours of the day we just rested and played on the iPad.

Tomorrow we are going on a train to Ranthambore.

30 December 2015: Jaipur to Ranthambore

Now I am in Ranthambore, the train ride was not nice.

Tomorrow we are going on a safari and the day after that we are going on another one.

31 December 2015: Safari

Good morning, at the moment we are on the way to the safari park to look for tigers. I will tell you more about this later.

We didn’t see any tigers but that was amazing!

The one thing I did not like about it was that is was freezing cold.

Now I will show you some pictures of the safari.

1 January 2016: Safari

We went on safari again today. We didn’t see any tigers but we did see a sloth bear.

So now we have finished in Ranthambore. We are going to Agra next, were we will see the Tahj Mahal.

Bye and I will see you tomorrow.

2 January 2016: Ranthambore to Agra

Today we drove from Ranthambore to Agra.


3 January 2016: Taj Mahal

Good morning, today we are going to the Tahj Mahal. I will tell you more about this later.


The Taj Mahal is a big mosque. It was amazing. The dome was huge.

Tomorrow we will go to Delhi. When we are there we will visit New and Old Delhi.

4 January 2016: Agra to Delhi

Today we drove from Agra to Delhi. It was a long drive but we saw lots of interesting things.

5 January 2016: Old Delhi

Good morning, at the moment we are on the way to Old Delhi. I will tell you about this later.

That was fun my favourite part was definitely going on top of the roofs.

Most stuff is rotted the wires apparently have not or can not set on fire. That is a fact I learnt.

6 January 2016: New Delhi

Good morning, today we are going to New Delhi.

New Delhi is the new part of Delhi which you could probably guess.

New Delhi is very nice, not. (Editor: I think Archie found this day less exciting!).

7 January 2016: Delhi to Abu Dhabi

It is the next day now and we are making our way back to the airport.

Now we are back in Abu Dhabi so bye.