It's ten days since I waved Jo and the kids off at the airport, and 17 days (not that I'm counting) until I see them again. I am missing them like crazy, even the bickering and crying (and that's just Jo I'm talking about ;@)), so the time is passing very slowly.

They have definitely done the right thing escaping from Abu Dhabi. Whilst the temperature hasn't really increased since they left (still early 40s most afternoons), the humidity certainly has. It was over 50% today which meant that the heat index (what the heat feels like to the human body when the temperature and humidity are combined) went above 51 degrees centigrade (122 degrees Fahrenheit) this afternoon. I'm now at the stage where my glasses steam over every time I set foot outside, which is a little annoying.

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A few photos from my evening stroll this evening, as the sun started to go down. What they depict isn’t pretty but they show the reality of what it is like outside the well maintained compounds in places like Khalifa City A (where we live).

Like many of the cities emerging in Abu Dhabi emirate, Khalifa City A is made up of a grid of streets, with the gaps between the streets filled with compounds of houses or areas of empty ground, one assumes waiting for new compounds to be developed.

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